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Will be selling prints of this on Monday, 1\13\14. Limit of 40 prints (plus a special variant, limit of 10). 20x30 $40+shipping. more details later.

Artist: Facebook | DeviantART | CGHub

In Super Troidicolor by rasabi

US $27.74

Artist: Redbubble | society 6 | Facebook

Samus Aran from Metroid (by FJT Photography)

The best Samus Aran cosplayer I have ever seen in this “Justin Bailey" costume rendition from Anime Expo 2011. This was from the original NES game back from 1986 when it was discovered that Samus was a “girl” at the end.


“Bounty Hunted” is up on Qwertee tonight and tomorrow (Feb 9th & 10th) for $12/€10/£8!


Sketch here.

Time lapse drawing here.

Hunting Parasites by inkOne on Sale 2/2

USD $10 for 24 hours only

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