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the hulk (by zero-lives)

Just a drawing of my version of the hulk, a heaping pile of humanity that grows each time it is angered. It is more like a tumor that slowly envelops Bruce.

Metroid/Aliens (by zero-lives)

Samus lands on the wrong planet at the wrong time.

A Link To The Future (by zero-lives)

What I really want to play is a futuristic Zelda game akin to Samurai Jack where the hero is transported through time to dystopian future ruled by science and magic. Also I would like to see a more elfish version of Link, less human and more slender and tall, this version is a bit LoTRish. Picture includes the new mirror shield, hook shot armlet, power gloves (it’s so bad), master saber and a bomb/grenade

If Mega Man was designed today. (by zero-lives)

His father/builder killed, his town burned, a hero rises…Rated M for Mature.

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