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Portal 2 - PC

Portal 2 is a unique first-person Action-Puzzle-Platforming game that tests player’s ability to think and act creatively as they use the game’s ingenious wormhole creating portal gun to produce their own paths through otherwise sealed surfaces and across the open spaces of the game.

List Price: $29.99        Price: $16.49     You Save: $13.50 (45%)

Mass Effect 3

As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, your only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth.

List Price: $39.99     Price: $9.99      You Save: $30.00 (75%)

Video: Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Discover the Dragon Age’ trailer

Explore a vast, fantasy world at the brink of catastrophe in this next-generation action RPG.

You can view the new trailer here.

Titanfall: Man and machine fight together in action-packed launch trailer

EA has delivered the official launch trailer for Respawn Entertainment’s Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC exclusive shooter Titanfall.

Check out the new clip here.

Titanfall trailer details Atlas Titan class

EA has released a new trailer for Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming first-person shooter introducing the Atlas titan class.

View the trailer here.

Battlefield 4′s China Rising DLC launch trailer

DICE and EA have released a spectacular new trailer for Battlefield 4′s first expansion DLC, China Rising.

Watch the new trailer here

Read our review here.

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