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Isaac Clarke cosplay by Kevin Leab Thong 


The A-Team by Ariel Flores

Dual wielding Photoshop and Garry’s Mod, Ariel concocted the most A-est of teams, featuring the dream stable of Samus Aran, Master Chief, Commander Shepard, Isaac Clarke, Lightning, and Trishka Novak with cameos by everyone’s favorite clone Boba Fett and real-working CGI action Optimus Prime. When there’s something strange in your Multiverse, who you gonna call?

Artist: deviantart

Dead Space Collectibles Isaac Clarke Statue - Dead Space

Product Size: 16” H (406.4mm) x 9.5” W (241.3mm) x 9.5” L (241.3mm)*



Some Disassembly Required by Alan Kennedy

Prints available at society6 and Go for the limbs!


If someone told you this was Kevin’s first cosplay, would you believe it? Well… it is. Kevin Thong is a French cosplayer living in Paris, France. He designed Isaac Clarke’s suit with his father and their friend. A funny thing I would like to note, is that they actually used some gardening tool to create the suit. That’s one of the coolest things about cosplay: you can use whatever materials you want to make it work. And believe me, it worked. After debuting his suit at the Japan Expo, EA called Kevin for an interview.

As far is Dead Space 3 goes, it is currently being planned out. Dead Space 2 came out at the beginning of this year, so I don’t expect to see much about the third installment until later next year. If it’s anything like the first or second, I will undoubtedly get it.


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Dead Space 2 // by OpusArtz

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