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Princess Peach wrote a song for Mario! After decades of sheepishly acting on her love, the perennial damsel in distress is finally telling Mario how it is. Mario fans will appreciate the lyrical references (some of which are obscure) to the many games in the Mario franchise. This is some of my happiest work ever, and I hope it makes you listeners smile. I dedicate this song to these awesome blogs with Peach/Mario/Nintendo content: themushroomprincess, peachtoadstool, thenobleredplumber, suppermariobroth, game-portal, smashbrotherhood, n64wasmychildhood, dotcore, and nintendard.

Free downloads of this song are here, and you can stream it on YouTube here. — Kavalier Calm

      Under Peach’s Umbrella

I do all I can to impress you.
I race karts and win the Grand Prix.
I formed the Peach Hit Five,
so you could hear me sing.
I’ve been to all nine of your parties,
and I know how to lace up a pair of cleats.
I play every sport
hoping you’re on my team.

I just want you under my umbrella,
I just want you under here with me.
I just want you under my umbrella,
so I can kiss you on the cheek.

You’ve saved me from the Koopa Troop
more times than I can count.
You’re my hero,
there is no doubt.
You’ve been across the galaxy and back,
and you’ve been stretched paper thin.
I send 1-up love letters
to help you win.

I know how to float and fight in a brawl;
A melee is nothing Toad and I can’t handle.
But I let that lizard Bowser lay his hands on me
‘cause it’s the only way you’ll see my need.
Well, I’m tired of playing coy—
listen to me, boy:
don’t wait ‘til I’m kidnapped
to rescue me!


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