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Richard Alexander Caraballo (minusbaby) is a New York-based musician exploring the diversity of a lo-fi, compositional aesthetic. In addition to music, he is a prolific pixel artist who, since 1999, has been largely responsible for defining the unique aesthetics of the modern 8-bit creative movement.  By spearheading the visual identities of 8bitpeoples, Pulsewave and Blip Festival his work has become ubiquitous to the public’s perception of chip music and art. 

Rich is making a game for the LA Game Space game pack in collaboration with Chris Osborn (TRΛCER) as TR-404! You only have until December 7 to get TR-404’s game along with a new game by Keita Takahashi (creator of Katamari Damacy) and 5 Indie Game Classics! Get your game pack now!


Katamari-creator Keita Takahasi is releasing his next game exclusively through our Kickstarter for only $5! It will work with WindowsMac, and Linux!

You only have until December 7th to get your copy of Keita’s next game. Donate $5 now and make LA Game Space a reality!

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