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Majora’s Door by Coinbox Tees

US $10 for 24 hours only

Artist: Redbubble | Facebook | Tumblr
Lord of the Rings - Legend of Zelda.


“Steamboat Link” by TeeKetch

This shirt will be available at Shirtpunch on June 5th for $10. Share this awesome zelda goodness :)

TeeKetch is primarily available on Facebook and RedBubble (<- this is where you can find my shirts)


May Giveaway: Legend of Zelda merch + Sale

Hey fellow tumblrers & tumblrettes, this month I’ll be giving away three of my LoZ fanart merchandise to three lucky winners. As a bonus, I’ll be having a sale on Hylian Shield and Full Heart Container necklaces in my shop for the duration of the giveaway.


  • First draw: Rosewood box inlaid with the Hylian crest
  • Second draw: Full Heart Container necklace
  • Third draw: Hylian Shield necklace


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  • Likes/follows do not count
  • Giveaway ends May 12th, Saturday at 10pm PST
  • Winner will be announced and contacted on Sunday

It’s dangerous to go alone, reblog this!


listened to the Game of Thrones soundtrack while working on this :) Alternative Link from LoZ: a link to the past


Link from LoZ

As promised heres the next pixelated video game character. I decided not to do a background for this one simply because I don’t have a lot of time to work on it. Maybe when I get some free time I’ll be able to do a full scene in this style.

Next up: Samus Aran

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