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EA cancels free-to-play Command & Conquer

EA has announced the cancellation of its free-to-play, multiplayer-only Command & Conquer game.

Total War: Rome 2 | First Impressions

Total War: Rome II is the most ambitious game is the series yet. In this preview, Chanh Tang gets hands-on with Creative Assembly’s strategy sequel.

Total War: Rome II launch trailer unleashes hell

Sega has released their new Rome 2: Total War launch trailer, entitled “How far will you go?” ahead of tomorrow’s global release date.

Company of Heroes 2 gameplay video takes a tour over the Russian front

Relic Entertainment’s newest Company of Heroes 2 trailer lets you view the battlefield from above.

Command & Conquer ViDoc goes behind the scenes and beyond the battle

New video reveals never before seen footage, and exclusive interviews from the lead developers of Victory Games and Co-Founder of Westwood Studios, Louis Castle.

Gearbox Software acquires Homeworld license

Gearbox Software announced today that they have purchased Relic’s popular real-time strategy franchise, “Homeworld.”

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