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iam8bit Celebrates 25 Years Of ‘Street Fighter’ With Combo Attack

The rad people from iam8bit and Capcom are teaming up to bring you a Street Fighter fueled bonanza of epic proportions. Festivities include a real-life “BONUS ROUND,” letting you get your rage out on a 6-foot pinata version of that classic sedan from Street Fighter II, a photo playset that literally inserts you INTO the game, a 17-Foot High Graffiti Wall by famed LA street artist, Leba, a pop-Up shop filled with Street Fighter merch, and more!

Full deets below.

Opening Extravaganza
Friday, August 3
7 to 11pm

Ambience by DJ R-Rated

All Ages!
Free Admission!
Compliementary Beverages from
and COBA

Food Truck Grub by Gravy Train Poutinerie

2147 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

RSVP via Facebook

Ongoing Through
August 19

So, anyone going to this want to buy us stuff?


A Little Bit On The Custom Sneaker Side: Fallout “Vault Dweller” Dunks by Jacob Patterson in collaboration with Emmanuelabor.

Jacob Patterson just sent us pics of his latest custom kicks which took him over an entire year to complete. Be sure to click each image for the full sexy view.

From the artist:

The tongues feature jailbroken iPod Touches that have been given sounds, themes, apps, music, and related materials to fit the Fallout universe. Originally I had planned to sculpt or paint the tongues out to look like the actual Pip-Boy device, but it was too noisy. Instead, I trusted the Pip-Boy theme to do the job, and it does in a much more subtle way. On the sides are painted a soldier in Power Armor from Fallout 3 and a Ranger from New Vegas. 

My feet are a little sad that they’ll never get to wear these, but on the other hand, if I had a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes this awesome, I really don’t think I’d ever wear them. They’d just sit up on a shelf in my living room to make visitors envious.

Read the full story on how these were made over on the Custom Sneaker Forum.


A Little Bit On The Classic Side: Modern day video games as black and white movie title cards by Bao Nguyen.


A Little Bit On The Arcadey Side: Vintage arcade poster by Axel Pfaender. While there’s not an official version for sale, there is a hi-res 2250 x 3181px version here that you can print out onto some big-ass paper and, presto.

(via Nerdcore)


A Little Bit On The DA-NA-NA-NAAAAA!!! Side: Clever Zelda treasure chest Valentine’s Day cards by Adam Bing.


A Little Bit On The Bowser Side: One bored-ass man with a buttload of a colored duct tape and spare time on his hands made this huge Bowser sprite in his driveway. When asked how he accumulated so much tape, he told authorities it was leftovers from all the girls he had tied up in his garage. The man is currently in police custody and awaiting trial. Okay, everything after the first sentence I completely made up.

(via Obvious Winner)

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