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Bubble Bobble, by Sevensheaven.


http://shop.oddlookingbird.com/ !!!!!!

You can now preorder not only the three shirts I made that debuted at PAX a few months ago, but also some totally new posters and buttons! Wowowow!

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i would like to thank the tumblr gods for bluetagging me.  here’s mutant bob.


this mutant bub drawing miiiiiight go on the packaging for the mutant bubble bobble toys for @giant_robot ‘s game over show.  


Bubble Bobble III by Brother Brain
Nice elephant background. 
Bubble Memories (Arcade) Taito 1995.


Invisible Keyboard by Brother Brain.
The Lone Ranger (NES) Konami 1991. 
Rainbow Islands (Arcade) Taito 1987. 


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