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Tomb Raider [Download]

  • Full integration with Steamworks to offer cloud storage for saves, multiplayer matchmaking, achievements, as well as automatic updates and new content.
  • Support for Steam Big Picture Mode.
  • Configurable mouse and keyboard support.
  • Gamepad support.

List Price: $19.99     Price: $7.99      You Save: $12.00  (60%)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • Your own Lightning - Upgrade Lightning’s look, abilities and actions through hundreds of game-changing weapons and outfit combinations
  • A constantly moving world - Nova Chrysalia moves to the beat of a relentless 24 hour clock resulting in a different journey for every player
  • All new battle system - Master a completely overhauled battle system to control Lightning like never before by being able to block, dodge, and counter with precision

List Price: $49.99           Price: $29.99        You Save: $20.00 (40%)

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Featuring an all-new style of frenetic action gameplay and central character, Raiden, a cyborg ninja who uses his High Frequency katana blade to cut through any thing that stands in his vengeful path!

List Price: $19.99        Price: $9.99         You Save: $10.00 (50%)

The Elder Scrolls Online - PC/Mac

After 20 years of best-selling, award-winning fantasy RPGs, the Elder Scrolls series goes online like no MMO before it.

List Price: $59.99        Price: $33.49      You Save: $26.50 (44%)

Nintendo NES Classic Controller Bifold Wallet

  • Officially licensed.
  • Wallet that looks like the classic Nintendo remote.
  • Designed to last.

List Price: $25.00     Price: $9.75      You Save: $12.25  (61%)

Star Wars Jedi Bath Robe

The Jedi bath robe is made of soft 100% cotton velour and has a Jedi logo embroidered on the front. The bath robe’s large hood, sash belt and wide sleeves are classic features of a Jedi robe.

List Price: $84.99        Price: $39.00      You Save: $45.99 (354%)

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