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came up with this when i “used” to smoke…


Available now at!


Times have tough for everyone’s favorite astromech droid these past few years. Hopefully the news of new Star Wars movies on the way can help R2 get his life back on track.


OK, this is it! I’ve been working on this project tirelessly for the past six months, 40-80 hours a week, and it’s finally here. Please, visit to find out about the new “Guinea Something Good” 16-bit retro video game, and how you can help make it possible! I’m really excited about this and I hope you are, too!

While I’ve spent the last six months getting everything ready, programming, making animations, etc, this past month has been particularly time intensive, and I haven’t been able to update the comic. I apologize for that. But to make up for it, I will be updating the comic five days a week for the entire duration of the Kickstarter campaign. But it doesn’t end there. If we can reach the goal, I will update “Guinea Something Good” seven days a week for the following two months. And if we can reach beyond the goal, I’ll update seven days a week well into the future! So, in a way, this campaign is not only to make the video game, but it’s also to keep “Guinea Something Good” running like clockwork.

I’ve been drawing webcomics since 1999, when I was in the seventh grade. The comic I was drawing back then was simply called, “Joe” and while it started on GeoCities, I eventually bought the domain “” - and I’ve kept it ever since (though there was a period of about two or three years when I lost control of it). “Guinea Something Good” is in a way a throwback to that original comic I did, from 1999 to 2004. In other ways it’s completely unrecognizable, but it’s still the same characters. Joe and George were childhood pets of mine. I actually started drawing comics on paper about them when I was in the third grade, and in the fifth grade compiled a 170 page comic book of their adventures and sold copies to my friends and classmates. It’s coming up to 14 years that I’ve been at this webcomic thing, with my goal always being to make a living doing it. I haven’t yet been able to reach that goal. But my hope is that this project might, just might, bring awareness to these characters and this comic and get me closer to that goal than I’ve ever come before. This campaign isn’t just about making a video game. It’s about turning my hobby into a profession. It’s about fulfilling my childhood dream, a dream that I’ve tirelessly fought and struggled to earn. I hope you can help me earn it. Spread the word. Let people know about . Together, maybe we can make this happen.


gotta go fast


I knew it.

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