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Wii-Fit Trainer

Created by Krukmeister


Serious Time 2 by Kari Fry for Awesome Games Done Quick
$11 at theyetee.com 

$3 from every shirt goes directly to Prevent Cancer Foundation
Get the rest of the AGDQ tees at theyetee.com/agdq


New shirt design of the original Smash Bros roster. Pick it up here!


http://shop.oddlookingbird.com/ !!!!!!

You can now preorder not only the three shirts I made that debuted at PAX a few months ago, but also some totally new posters and buttons! Wowowow!

(via oddlookingbird)


ニンテンドたれか Nintendo Guess Who by Drew Linne

We had to make a game for the final project in my art school Japanese class. What an awesome assignment.

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