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Inhaler of Worlds by Mandrie

US $11 for 24 hours only

Wii-Fit Trainer

Created by Krukmeister


Serious Time 2 by Kari Fry for Awesome Games Done Quick
$11 at 

$3 from every shirt goes directly to Prevent Cancer Foundation
Get the rest of the AGDQ tees at


New shirt design of the original Smash Bros roster. Pick it up here!

aeblavis: !!!!!!

You can now preorder not only the three shirts I made that debuted at PAX a few months ago, but also some totally new posters and buttons! Wowowow!


ニンテンドたれか Nintendo Guess Who by Drew Linne

We had to make a game for the final project in my art school Japanese class. What an awesome assignment.

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