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"Console Wars"

WTF Happened? by CMorkaut

US $10 for 24 hours only

Artist: Facebook | Website

Street Fighter 2 - Guile Theme Acapella

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Original Soundtrack

Composed by Robin Beanland, Grant Kirkhope & Dave Clynick

(Source: Spotify)

Yu Suzuki, creator of the game Out Run holding Kavinsky’s album Outrun


Nerdcore Rising

(2008) Not Rated - 1hr 19m

Thirty-something ex-Web designer Damian Hess parlays his dork-tastic rhyming skills into a performing career as MC Frontalot, whose decidedly non-gangsta lyrics make him an Internet sensation and a leading voice in the hip-hop form known as nerdcore. Join Frontalot on his first national tour as he and his bandmates G Minor 7 and Blak Lotus entertain their unique fan base, made up of gamers, bloggers and heavy users of Second Life.

6.8/10 - IMDB

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