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Nintendo reveal new Pikmin 3 gameplay trailer

To celebrate the upcoming release Nintendo has launched a new gameplay teaser which gives a 30 second glimpse of the Pikmin in action.

"Pikmin: See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil" by Joseph Uzzo

I decided to take a break from pixels one day after my eyes were hurting from being in front of screens 24/7, and decided to do some traditional paintings. 

In anticipation of Pikmin 3 being released later this year, I decided to show a little love to the Nintendo franchise. Depicted are red, yellow and blue pikmin doing what they do best- being cute as heck in their natural habitat. The original painting was done with gouache and watercolor paints with some pen and ink thrown in for a little extra flavor.

Prints available in the shop!

Nintendo reveal Pikmin 3 ‘Overview’ trailer

Nintendo has released a Japanese trailer for their upcoming Wii U real-time strategy game, Pikmin 3.

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