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Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

This set includes four ornaments inspired by our favorite video gaming systems. We don’t need to tell you what they are because you’ll know it by looking at them and we don’t want to insult your geek cred. Hang ‘em on your Christmas tree or anywhere you need the good cheer of old school gaming.

US $19.99

PlayStation 4 trailer takes a trip down memory lane

Sony has released a nostalgia-filled video titled ‘For the Players Since 1995′ that details the evolution and history of the PlayStation brand.

Check out the new video here.

PlayStation Evolution videos tell the story so far

Over the last week Sony has released a series of videos that explore the history of the PlayStation.


Actually really chuffed with this little set up


mini PlayStation on Flickr.

with mini “Parappa the Rapper” game, memory card and green controller.
[1/6 scale]

Check out some other amazing miniatures on his Flickr.


So I got some Posca markers the other day, and this is how I tested them out.

Kind of drew the HuCast on the Dreamcast for my little brother as he is a huge fan of the game, but im not too sure im happy with it anymore.

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