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Vintage Link by harebrained

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That classic hero from the past!

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Merrio Xmas!


Happy 25th Birthday Final Fantasy!!! (Post 1 OF 2)

NOTE: These are the final revisions of the posters I’ve been creating since Sept. 2012. Due to tumblr’s picture limit per post, the remaining posters are in the following post.

Due to this anniversary occurring this year, one of my best childhood friends for life Max of 17 years and I got together this past summer to reflect on Final Fantasy. I fondly remember of the days when him and I first met at the back of a school bus. We found a strange bond through our talk of video games and reading video game magazines on our journey home from school. One day, I saw him reading a white book that got me curious. It was the strategy guide for Final Fantasy VII, a new game that just had come out. I was curious because the only Playstation game I had owned at the time was “Crash Bandicoot”, and I played that disc to death. The memories “Wow, this guy sure has bright, spikey hair!” and “What is that big, glowing green thing he’s facing?” immediately come to mind flipping through the pages of his guide. He showed me the game case on our walk from the bus stop to his driveway at the end of the street. “Man, that is a BIG game case! This game must be epic!” I stared in amazement. “I’m only at the beginning, but it’s pretty fun so far” Max replied.

Little did we know how much that game would impact our lives and our bond of friendship for years to come…I ended up beating Final Fantasy VII 100%  complete during the ENTIRE course of my summer in Junior year of high school. That was a crowning achievement I’ll never forget.

We all made friends through Final Fantasy: we talked about all the different games as they released in game stores, we drew fan art, we made fan fictions, we watched the movies, bought the figurines, listened to the gorgeous soundtracks, and even cosplayed as the favorites who remind us just a little bit of ourselves. To think, this magnificent video game series almost never was…if if wasn’t for a little hope and faith of game creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, Final Fantasy would never have existed, and he would’ve went back to the university to continue studying electrical engineering. Thank you Hironobu Sakaguchi. Thank you Square. You gave me a best friend, and now I’m giving my appreciation through these vintage posters.

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From one video game fan to many others,



Save Zebes! 10 Limited Edition Metroid Propaganda Vintage Geek Art Posters by Artist Barrett Biggers. For sale on Etsy! Thanks so much for all your support!


Link The Hero of Time Vintage Book Cover 
Geek Art by ©2012 Barrett Biggers, the Peoples’ Multimedia Artist.

As read by her Majesty Princess Zelda.  Prints Now Available!
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Star Fox Nintendo Vintage Poster
Geek Line Artly by ©2012 Barrett Biggers, the Peoples’ Multimedia Artist.

Do a Barrel Roll!!! 

Museum-quality gliceè art prints available at Etsy!

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